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2nd International Fajr Fashion and Clothing Festival
Summary of programs, actions and sections of the Second Fajr International Fashion and Clothing Festival: In the international section; 9 representatives from different countries were active in the festival. In the costume design show and competition section, for the first time, different sections of children, men, business clothes, school uniforms, along with the activities of the mantle of meetings and community, were added to the collection of costume design competitions. In the provincial section, in addition to the fact that the festival was held simultaneously in 7 provinces, 14 provinces were active in the Fajr Fashion and Clothing Festival. In the sales department, 159 sales booths and 10 booths were active in the industry sector. In addition, for the first time in the sales section of selected works of previous festivals, it was produced and entered the community and applied. In the section of organizations and institutions; 1- The Ministry of Education in cooperation with the provincial administrations, 2- Tehran Governor’s Office, 3- Welfare Organization, 4- NAJA Preparation and Support, 5- Textile and Garment Research Center were active. In the cultural and artistic sector, there are 3 institutes in the field of technical software; 25 cultural and artistic institutes active in the field of fashion and clothing; 18 publications and 15 publishers were present. In the academic sector, 45 universities and technical and vocational colleges, as well as 31 technical colleges, had a very valuable presence. Holding ceremonies related to intellectual property rights and granting 160 licenses simultaneously, 10 specialized meetings and 20 workshops, and holding a ceremony honoring the chosen ones of the university section were among the activities held during the festival. The addition of the country’s student fashion and clothing festival to the Fajr Festival was another special event that took place with the support of the Ministry of Education and the participation of artist and interested students and teachers. The establishment of numerous educational sessions and workshops, as well as the interaction and communication of artists, students, professors, educators and all those involved in the subject of fashion and clothing was a happy event that we witnessed these days.
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