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5th International Fajr Fashion and Clothing Festival
National showcase section with the introduction of 20 top domestic brands: In this period of the festival, the national showcase section introduced the product of their efforts by introducing 20 national brands in the field of Iranian-Islamic fashion and Iranian industrialist artists. Participation of 1,500 Iranian-Islamic clothing production centers: In this period, the sales department was not centralized, but in five provinces of East Azerbaijan, Isfahan, Khorasan, Alborz and Qom, as well as in Tehran province, stores with special posters were identified and sold the products of the festival (this period and the previous period). Holding a live clothing design competition with the presence of designers from Tehran and 10 provincial designers in the live clothing design section for 3 consecutive days, with Iranian fabric, yarn and design, and introduced the Iranian product to the community and determine the color of next year from this competition. A 3-day and educational conference on costume design was held at the Homa Hotel in Tehran with the participation of three professors from the Italian University of Yulimoda and 150 designers from our country.
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