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3rd International Fajr Fashion and Clothing Festval
7 different sections were performed in the festival, the most important of which is the competition. Accordingly, 5,000 clothing models have been registered in both sales and competition sections. Designing men’s, women’s and children’s clothing in the competition section: The competition section in the fields of men’s and women’s clothing was implemented in two areas: social mantle, chamber, tent and head covering, and children’s section. In the sales department of this period, there were about 70 sales booths that present selected works with the Shima logo. Attendance of 70 scientific centers in the festival: In this section, 70 university scientific centers that work in the field of clothing were present in the festival, while all activities were selected for the first time by the faculty members of this section, especially in the competitive part. Out of 40 active members of the Strategic Council, about 10 people were selected to work in the faculty of this department, and after voting, 5 people were selected for this purpose. 100 articles and dissertations were presented in the university section of the festival, which were dissertations related to the undergraduate course. The presence of 44 booths in the cultural and artistic section, where all books, magazines and art media of fashion and clothing were present, while art institutes and organizations were also in another part of the festival. 17 provinces participated in the festival, and a secretariat was set up in each province last year; Fortunately, today every province has a fashion and clothing expert in the relevant culture and guidance office.
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