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8th International Fajr Fashion and Clothing Festival
In the academic field, in addition to holding an international conference on the design and production of textiles and clothing with a sustainable development approach, presenting 40 papers, and holding 26 workshops and specialized meetings, judging dissertations and research articles was on its agenda. Coordination of related educational groups in terms of the structure of research activities of universities and focusing work topics on the needs and issues of this field was another work of the academic department in the 8th Fajr International Fashion and Clothing Festival. Mahtab Award: This award for the protection of traditional sewing art with a focus on Baluch needlework with the view of reviving and developing this art was anticipated and fortunately was very well received in this period. In the field of textile design, in the section of manual techniques, due to non-observance of the necessary principles in the call, no work entered the competition section, but in the two sections of design with computer technique and live competition, the works were evaluated and judged. In the field of jewelry, despite the relatively difficult issue, we saw a threefold increase in the number of works found and the space allocated to the jewelry display section. In the field of bag and footwear design, designers have been evaluated with indicators of design capability, updating, artistic and specialized skills, special distinctions, and Iranian patterns and values. The live competition was one of the most exciting parts of the festival, which was welcomed by activists and 60 groups out of 150 applicant groups succeeded in participating and competing. In the field of tent design and live competition, participants were able to present their work based on the initial sketches and pattern and design, cutting and execution.
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