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10th International Fajr Fashion and Clothing Festival
One of the most important events of this period of the festival was dedicated to the activities of decentralized secretariats in 9 provinces of Tehran, Khorasan Razavi, Fars, Isfahan, Qom, East Azerbaijan, Kermanshah, Mazandaran and Hormozgan, which fortunately provided a good space and opportunity for more artists to participate. The country provided with this event. The international section of the festival was not held as an exhibition due to coronary conditions, and a webinar on various topics was one of the programs in this section, which was held in cooperation with the Organization of Islamic Culture and Communication. Unveiling of “Iran Dokht” collection in the form of 10 works inspired by cultural and historical symbols all over the country, holding a special section of Sardar Soleimani in the field of designing and making jewelry, holding a live competition from idea to performance in four days in the community mantle sections, men’s shirts, Other parts of the festival included women’s overcoats and chadors, as well as the appreciation of several of the pioneers in the field of textile design, clothing and needlework. Two thousand and one hundred works in the different sections of the artists’ works were sent to the secretariat by post from all over the country. Receive 80 works in the head cover section of the 10th Fajr Fashion and Clothing Festival More than 280 works were sent to the secretariat of this section and the workshops of the bag and shoe section were also well received. And allocate shoes. Over 11 educational workshops and scientific meetings were held in a virtual way from February 18th to 21st in the 10th Fajr Fashion and Clothing Festival.
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