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Forth International Fajr Fashion and Clothing Festival
In the articles section of the festival, 20 topics were suggested to researchers, of which 11 topics were assigned to single-discipline articles and 9 topics to interdisciplinary articles. The subject of the articles of the 4th Fajr International Fashion and Clothing Festival includes: the role of clothing in strengthening national and religious identity, analysis of clothing content in popular culture, strategies in the evolution of the Iranian clothing market with a view to barriers and challenges of clothing production, The role of the media in the culture of fashion and clothing, the study of new challenges and strategies in the field of clothing industry (factories) and clothing production, analysis of the place of color in clothing, review and analysis of Baloch clothing and updating it, branding methods and techniques, Study and analysis of clothing in historical periods after Islam and its updating and analysis of clothing teaching strategies in academic disciplines. In the topics section of interdisciplinary articles (fashion and clothing with different academic disciplines), the following 9 topics include: Religions’ view of fashion and clothing, philosophy of clothing, the role of health in clothing, socialization of fashion and clothing, economics and globalization of fashion and Clothing, history and ecology of fashion and clothing, communications and media in the development of fashion and clothing, marketing and entrepreneurship in the apparel industry and technology and apparel industry. Among the proposed topics are five: examining the clothing capacities of Muslim nations and updating it, reviewing and analyzing the clothing of post-Islamic historical periods and updating it, the view of religions on fashion and clothing, and the role of clothing in strengthening national and religious identity. It was directly related to the subject of clothing and religious topics. Other topics such as the philosophy of clothing, analysis of clothing content in popular culture, the role of media in fashion and clothing culture, analysis of the place of color in clothing and socialization of clothing due to the close and intertwined relationship of Iranian culture with religious view of clothing indirectly the issue of cover was mentioned from the perspective of Islam.
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