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7th International Fajr Fashion and Clothing Festival
Six thousand and 100 works were sent to the festival secretariat, which was a 10% increase compared to last year. Out-of-competition section of Fajr Festival, in this section, the concept of Iran, Iranian design, fabric, designer and production was discussed and the concept of Golestan Palace was selected as the inspirational concept, which was welcomed by the designers and 10 designers, each designer 5 Present designs as a collection. Details of the works sent to the Fajr Festival Secretariat: 446 works in the jewelry section, 391 works in the field of bags and shoes, 174 works in the field of textiles, 2,225 works in the field of women’s applied clothing, 1,698 works in the field of community clothing, 65 The work in the field of tents, 57 works in the field of head covering and 53 works in the field of men’s clothing were sent to the festival secretariat. In the scientific and academic section, 1,250 pictorial designs, 48 articles, 70 dissertations and five researches in the field of fashion and clothing were sent, and 18 scientific meetings were held in the Hijab Hall. 25 related universities will also have booths in this festival. Regarding the presence of cultural and artistic institutions in the field of fashion and clothing, 33 cultural and artistic institutions participated in the festival and 18 meetings and workshops were held.
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