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Fajr International Fashion and Clothing Festival is the largest specialized event in the field of fashion and clothing in the country. and This festival is a comprehensive event in the field of art, fashion and clothing industry which is held every year in different sections in order to fulfill the provisions of Article 3 of the Law on Organizing Fashion and Clothing, approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly on 2 January 2007.

Realization of the principles and macro cultural and artistic policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the field of fashion and clothing

  • Identifying, explaining and establishing frameworks and quality standards of fashion and clothing types
  • Promoting art-fashion and clothing industry and promoting Iranian fashion taste and culture in the society
  • Protecting the rights and honoring the efforts of designers, activists, veterans and art-clothing industry professionals
  • Development of international and regional relations through cultural-artistic discourse and acquaintance of Iranian and non-Iranian designers and fashion activists with mutual achievements and characteristics.
  • Achieving the cultural and artistic values of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the field of fashion and clothing
  • Awareness and information about the competitive capacities and advantages in the field of fashion and clothing
  • Creating a suitable atmosphere for the transfer and exchange of regional knowledge and experiences in the art-fashion and clothing industry
  • Creating motivation, cheerful spirit, creative enthusiasm and teamwork for the emergence of talents
  • Economic prosperity and helping the growth and development of creative industries in the field of art – fashion and clothing industry
  • Presenting a standard model for worthy organization of fashion and clothing festivals at national and international level
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Secretariat: Number 61 – Helal Ahmar Alley – Next to the Gas Station – College Junction – Hafiz Street – Tehran
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